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My objective was developing a responsive Webflow portfolio template based on a given design.

Portfolio Webflow template
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Here's what I did

Once I got the design as a Figma file I started converting it into a responsive website right away. It was a project I did for Finsweet's client-first style system for Webflow. That means the project is set up with an organized structure and clear class naming.

Along the way, I adjusted some parts of the design to provide the best possible experience to the Webflow community.

Webflow portfolio template
Webflow Portfolio Template

Cloneable for everyone

Since the template was released on August 26th 2021, over 264 people decided to clone the template from Webflow's showcase while over 230 people duplicated its Figma file. Many designers or developers used the template to start their freelance business which I enjoyed to see.

I like giving back to the Webflow community. To do this, I spread the word about some useful tools I discover on social media and produce Youtube videos where I explain how to use Webflow.

Webflow Portfolio template showcased
Webflow showcased project

A premium template

  • Client-first structure
  • Super clean class management
  • Stunning performance stats
  • A simple yet powerful starting point for creatives
PageSpeed Insights website stats
PageSpeed Insights performance stats

Creating this template was fun and I learned how to think about people using template since it was the first template I developed at Finsweet.

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