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Car service template

I developed this car service Webflow template which is one of Finsweet's Client-first resources.

Client-first Car service template
Webflow development
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What I created

This Webflow car service template was developed by me. It is one of Finsweet's Client-first resources which help people understand the concepts of their style system.

The design was provided as a Figma file. However, there were some inconsistencies I had to fix when creating the website.

Webflow car service template
Webflow car service template

A popular template

This project was published on the Webflow showcase. That way, many designers and developers around the world have the opportunity to use the build as a starting point for their projects. It has been cloned around 300 times (as of January 2022).

The template also had a lot of success on the Figma community showcase where it has been duplicated more than 1500 times (as of January 2022) and managed to stay in the community's popular releases list for multiple weeks.

Webflow showcase project
Webflow showcased project

The most important aspects of the project

  • Client-first structure
  • Super clean class management
  • Various CMS implementations
  • Smooth interactions
PageSpeed Insights 96 Performance
96 Performance score - PageSpeed Insights

I really enjoyed working on this Webflow project since there were a lot of cool sections and I also liked the color palette!

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