About me

I am Simon, nice to meet you.

Based in Vienna (Austria), but soon worldwide.

Working in an office
Each day 1% better

Constant progress

I try to learn something new every single day. That way, I can get better and better, which is how I managed to become the youngest Webflow Expert worldwide at age 17.

Designer and Developer

Passionate about the web

The web is probably my favorite topic beside basketball and travelling. I just love creating websites, learning about new tools/technologies and connecting with people.

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My expertise

Online courses

Watching online courses and using what I learned in real projects was an integral part to my learning.


Working together with top performers in the industry like Finsweet helped me to level up my skills.


On my Youtube channel or in private sessions I taught many people around the world how to use Webflow.


Learning works 100x better when you use what you have learned. Nowadays, I have multiple available services.

What my clients say about me

See yourself how my clients experienced working with me.

"It was a pleasure to work with Simon. His experience with Webflow is outstanding. He masters the "Client-first" CSS system perfectly. I can only recommend him to anyone who is in need of a technically perfect set up website."

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Raphael Buchberger
CEO @aclipp

"Working with Simon is amazing as he communicates really well and does an incredible job. He’s super creative and you can see how dedicated he is to give his clients the best results. I would highly recommend him!

Vasav Prajapati Webflow Expert
Vasav Prajapati
Webflow Expert

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